Secondary school/Sixth form admissions


For an optimum learning experience, fluency in French is a prerequisite to pass the exams.

Pupils coming from a French public school, a private school under contract with the State or a French school recognised by the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) are enrolled in accordance with the decisions of the class council as indicated on the report card. Our school always respects the placement decisions of these institutions.

Secondary school pupils from outside the French school system who wish to enrol in the French International School of Tirana must pass a language skills assessment. Following this assessment, the school will decide, with the agreement of the families and the school board, on the assistance needed to support students with their schooling.

All students (from the last year of nursery school to the final year of Sixth Form) must complete mandatory Albanian language courses.

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Admissions for the 2022-2023 school year are open.