Educational approach


EFIT offers its students an education that combines the “best of both worlds”, i.e. French-style schooling with the benefits of an international education. This comprehensive offering enables students to reach their full potential. We believe that each child deserves individual attention. Our small class sizes and specialised teachers mean that time can be devoted to each child’s development. Our active teaching approach combined with a truly international education gives students a strong intellectual foundation.

Our teachers apply methods rooted in personalisation and active learning. Differentiated teaching methods place the student at the heart of the learning process and our teachers focus not only on developing disciplinary skills but also essential qualities such as cooperation, self-confidence, creativity and communication skills.


Many different subjects

mastering the French language, learning the fundamentals of maths and gaining civic values. Time is also spent on the teaching of modern languages, sports, science, arts and cultural education, computer science and civic and moral education.

International orientation

The school’s teaching policy, while respecting the official French directives, strongly promotes openness to the host country and the international landscape. Exchanges are thus organised with our Albanian and European partners as well as frequent visits to museums, exhibitions and parks.

Multilingual education

The teaching of languages (Albanian and English) also plays an important role as part of a multilingual and multicultural education.


Lastly, because we believe that close collaboration with parents is essential, our school makes every effort to establish dialogue with families and, more generally, with all our partners (parents’ associations, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) through general information meetings, class meetings or individual interviews.


Our school employs teachers who specialise in teaching the French language and who are responsible for providing French language support to new students who are non-native speakers. Students who need help with French as the taught language receive specific follow-up support in small groups. Support is provided during class time and is established in collaboration with the teachers. A Personalised Educational Achievement Programme (PPRE) is drawn up.

Do you need any further information?

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