Nursery school prepares children for learning the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Its essential objectives are socialisation, the acquisition of language, numbers and graphic skills, the development of sensitivity and the personality of each student. Such methods put an emphasis on motor skills, discovery and experimentation in various fields: artistic, cultural, physical and scientific.

  • The Very Small Section (TPS): 2 years old
  • The Small Section (PS): 3 years old
  • The Middle Section (MS): 4 years old
  • The Big Section (GS): 5 years old


Each nursery teacher is supported by a full-time nursery assistant. We believe that it is important for children to develop basic skills in a school environment, with trained teachers, in order to approach primary school with more confidence. By enrolling your child in nursery school, you are giving them the opportunity to establish the foundations for harmonious development in a caring environment, perfectly suited to their age. First and foremost, you start your child’s schooling based on a sound multilingual pathway where French is taught as well as English and the national language of the host country.


Nursery school epitomises the strength of the French education system: to start learning at the earliest possible age.

Children learn to become more precise in their intentions, more exacting in terms of their achievements and start to experience the satisfying feeling that they are developing and progressing. They become aware of the value of learning. The main objective of nursery school is to help each child to develop autonomy and acquire knowledge and skills. The French nursery school system follows the official French curriculum which defines precise skills to be mastered. Learning is structured around progression and is demonstrated through class projects.

Our school’s strength is to offer, from the start of nursery school, a truly multilingual education (French/English/national language). Lessons are scheduled to give equal time to each language: one day in French and one day in English. Students thus acquire a rich oral vocabulary, with the aim of achieving learning continuity by offering:

  • Multilingual teaching by native speaker teachers;
  • Access for students of all nationalities, regardless of their proficiency in the French language;
  • A perfectly secure environment;
  • An active and caring teaching approach that promotes the welcoming of students and the joys of learning.

The general objectives for nursery school are grouped into five areas:



Exploit language in all its forms


Act, express themselves, develop understanding through physical and artistic activities


Build the first mental tools for structuring one’s thoughts


Explore the world

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Admissions for the 2022-2023 school year are open.