Educational model


Teaching in accordance with the French curriculum

Our institution provides the same education as that of a school in France, delivered by teachers who are licensed by the French Ministry of Education.

  • From a very young age, our innovative and ambitious educational programme enables our students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills (understanding what we do, what we learn and why we do it).
  • A personalised programme that ensures students reach their full potential by developing their independence, ability to adapt and sense of responsibility.

Teaching in accordance with the Albanian curriculum

For Albanian students enrolled at our school, instruction in the Albanian language is offered in accordance with the curriculum established by the Albanian Ministry of Education.

An international school

The school is open to students of all nationalities, whether French is their native language or not. This highly international environment encourages students to be open to the world and its diversity.


EFIT offers its students an education that combines the “best of both worlds”, i.e. French-style schooling with the benefits of an international education. This comprehensive offering enables students to reach their full potential. We believe that each child deserves individual attention.


From the Small Section onwards (Nursery), our pupils are taught in French and English. They all receive one and a half hours of Albanian language instruction per week. They also have the option to take Latin or to continue with a language they have already studied via the CNED: Italian, Chinese or Russian.


Our school has powerful tools to help pupils master and develop their skills with new technologies. Computers, tablets and projectors enable better communication between the different French schools.

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