School transport service

School transport service

EFIT organizes a school transport service for students from nursery (3 years old) to high school.

Every morning, the bus picks up the children in front of their house and takes them to the school entrance. In the afternoon, the bus takes the children home.

The service operates with minibuses of 7-20 people. The vehicles are air-conditioned and each seat has a seat belt. We try to ensure the same driver for each bus for the entire school year.

  • Registration for the school transport service is annual
  • In the afternoon, a school worker helps the children when they leave. Buses leave the school at 3:35-3:40 p.m.
  • There is the possibility of taking round-trip buses or just going there or back.
  • Our coordinator speaks Albanian, French and English and is at your disposal to answer your questions or to find solutions to unexpected problems.
  • School bus drivers have experience.


The taxis are fitted with airbags, doors that lock automatically when the vehicle is in motion, and a geolocation system to guarantee your child’s safety and comfort.

We understand how important your children are to you. That is why we strive to ensure they enjoy the experience and arrive at school in a great mood!


For more information, contact the EFIT administration team by e-mail:
or by phone: +335 069 60 47 557.


You can also call the City Taxi operators directly on +335 069 99 99 111.

For any further information,

please send an email to